Saturday, March 12, 2011

Niagara Falls: ON Day 1 (Oh, Canada)

"Oh Canada - such a stressful drive / Highway 402 - I'm glad I'm still alive / I should've brought my skis / one last winter tease / OH Canada! - at least the snow was beautiful"

"Free Breakfast."

Here are some brief notes on my trip:
OnStar - although they always keep me guessing - got me here in 4.5 hours (to spite the weather)
I was hoping that Canadian TV would prove to be more interesting to me than American TV. I watched a great show last night about the Saunders Portrait which is widely believed by many to be the only portrait of William Shakespeare painted in his lifetime. It is a great story - I feel a bite-sized history post coming on!
I am planning to go to the aviary, and possibly the Old Fort today since the weather is overcast and it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow.

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  1. That doesnot appear to be a "proper" cup of tea....oh you yanks!