Friday, May 27, 2011

St. Louis 2 point 0: What a difference a year makes.

Things that are different:
I have a serious serious in fact that I was exited for my visit with my sister but I cried before I left because I would miss him...
I must have lost a considerable amount of weight because my sister's neighbor noticed, and I looked at some pictures from last year and I look pudgy.

Things that are not different:
It still took me forever to leave the house. I missed the "War Museum" and the Lincoln Memorial library because they were closed by the time I was nearby.
The Chocolate Garden is still there - although they have begun to expand.
I am rushing to write this because we have to scram to make it to the brewery tour on time...

The photo? My sweetheart and I are total nerds. Sometimes when we kiss our glasses click...We have been calling it "Nerds in Love..." when I saw this I was hoping I could photo-chop it...but guess what?!?! No time!

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