Monday, September 24, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic: Day 1

There is a reason that Prague is called one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Everywhere (and I mean everywhere) you look there is a beautiful photo to be had. Poor Larry...constant companion, lens caddy, public transport expert and steward. How can I ever thank him enough for his patience and brilliance? We have only seen a couple of museums because there are too many good photos in the city. The weather has been perfect. Sunny and bright, but not too warm.
A word about the silhouette: I am not sure what is up with this - but you will notice that there seem to be quite a few pictures that depict a black silhouette against a dramatic sky. For some reason I seem to be taking a lot of pictures like this. There is the one of the statures atop the Brandenburg gate, the one of the street lamp on the bridge in Berlin, and this one below of the gate to the castle in Prague. Maybe this is a stylistic convention that will be a signature for me?


  1. Hi! I love these photos! What is the second one from the top of?? I can't believe how pretty it is!

    1. Hi, The second one from the top is from the Alchemy museum that we went to. It is kind of cheating because it was a display that they set up.