Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Philadelphia PA: Day 4

I gave my second talk this morning. I am relieved that both talks are over...I decided today that I would do something really outside of my comfort zone. My normal activities on a trip like this are to visit museums and churches. Today, I did visit a church: I saw the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul. I was not able to pack my tripod so I was not going to get good quality photos - but also I was worried that the sound of my camera making an exposure was annoying to the few parishioners who were praying - so I did not take as many photos as I normally would. The other thing I did today was to visit a prison: The Eastern State Penitentiary. I saw this in my travel book and I thought that it was one of the sites visited by the Ghost Adventures Crew (a show that I like to watch when it is daytime and I am not alone...). I debated about it, because it was a 2 mile walk from the conference and I did not even know if I could get in. Turns out - this is a spectacular historical place to visit. A bonus was that there were not many people there, so I think I may have gotten some amazing photos. As for ghosts, I don't think I saw any - but the feeling there is really strange...I can not explain it - just really eerie.

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