Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cincinnati Day 2.0

I really need to be at the conference for big chunks of the day for the next three days so I decided that I needed to venture out into the city today. The first thing that I noticed was that (In addition to Oktoberfest) there was a Cincinnati Bengals home game today. The city was engulfed in a sea of orange!

I decided to brave the 1.25 mile walk to the aquarium. Since I was literally walking from Ohio to Kentucky I needed to cross some bridges. There are quite a few in the city. I can count five major ones - and then there are some on the KY side that extend over the tributaries. I really love photographing the bridges because of all of the lines.
Finally I made it to the Newport Aquarium. I really loved it and I highly recommend it. I think that because of the game and Oktoberfest there were not many people there so I got really lucky. I took over 1000 pictures - but as with the ones from Shedd in Chicago I will be lucky if 10% of those are good. From what I can see so far - the new lens has really added to the potential for aquarium photography. Now I need to get a polarizer for it!

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