Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cincinnati Day 4.0

Today was better than yesterday...! I went to some AM sessions and learned about how the EPA approves methods. I also learned about preparing messy samples and guarding against contamination for super low-level (ppt) analysis. If you are not from NSF this is probably boring you...
I saw some pictures of myself from yesterday and I decided that I hated the pants that I was wearing so I went to the store to get a new / better pair.
I was able to link into the Internet this morning so I looked up some restaurants that would be nearby. It was great to have Maria on the phone with me as I walked around the city looking for a place to eat because she was able to witness the madness. The place I looked up did not actually exist. (At least not where it was supposed to be) I had spotted a Quizzno's while I was looking for the other place so I tried to go there..."This location is CLOSED" Big Surprise. I literally walked right into a Potbelly's so that was the magical fate of my lunch.
I prepared for my poster session, can you really prepare for those things? There were five people that looked at my poster and talked to me. I felt like I did not know enough... The Chair of the conference asked me to give a brief talk tomorrow at the "Young Scientists session". I get the feeling that he is passionate about young people in science so I am going to do it. I hope that I do not embarrass myself...
I still really want to go to the museum so I am not sure how the day will go yet. Since the drive was basically North on 75 I feel confident leaving after 5:00 and the talk will be at 12:00. Maybe I can go to the museum afterward.
Above you will see some pictures from my walk today. I can honestly say that this city intrigues me...I feel like I have Chicago figured out - but this place is still an enigma to me.

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